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implantsAn implant is a titanium fixture that is placed in the bone and integrates to its surroundings in a process called “osseointegration”. Implant placement is commonly a 2 step process, where the implant is placed and allowed to integrate to the bone for a period of 4-6mo, followed by the placement of a single replacement tooth prosthesis or several linked prostethic teeth (a ‘bridge’) to complete the procedure. Newer implant techniques, however, are allowing the immediate placement of the prosthetic portion (tooth replacement) at the time of implant placement. In addition, there are techniques that allow for a full arch upper and lower prosthesis, permanently fixed in place, with excellent long term results. Occasionally, the bone and/or soft tissue at the proposed implant site is inadequate or excessive. In these cases, additional procedures may be necessary to provide the most esthetic result, to include bone grafting and soft tissue augmentation. Dr. Coleman and Dr. Austin provide full scope implant dentistry, and can discuss the numerous treatment options with you, to include full arch restorations. Implant dentistry can be life changing and they are integral to After Orthodontic’s mission to provide comprehensive oral and facial rejuvenation.

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