Meet the doctor

Dr. Brandon ColemanDr. Brandon Coleman has called Augusta home for nearly 7 years. A native Texan, he went to Rice University in Houston and Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. (Baylor was taken over by Texas A&M, making Brandon an official SEC alumnus now). After dental school, Brandon wanted to serve our country and commissioned as a Captain in the Army. Brandon completed a three year surgical residency in periodontics while also completing a master’s degree program through Augusta University’s Dental College. Brandon now has several years experience as

a board certified periodontist. Brandon has been married to Sarah, a New Orleans native, for 12 years. They have 4 small children: Miles, Helen, and twin boys, Peyton and Drew. Their family is active in the community, whether through church, school, or kids’ sports. Their family loves Augusta and looks forward to being a part of the After Orthodontics team.



What is a periodontist? Why do I need one? And why would anyone want to be one?

All fair questions. Many people don’t know what a periodontist does until they need to see one. Periodontists are surgical specialists who focus on all of the “stuff” around the teeth. They manage the health of the gums and bone, as well as support other areas of dentistry (to include Orthodontics). Periodontists receive 3 years of training in dental implants for when teeth need to be replaced. Periodontists are able to protect your dental health, treat gum disease, cover exposed roots, perform cosmetic procedures, and place implants with the greatest of care in order to help you achieve your dental goals. Dr. Brandon and all of the team work very hard to make you as comfortable as possible for any procedure. We understand that not everyone likes the dentist. We strive to exceed your expectations!