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What is an iTero Scan?

iTero® is a brand of 3D scanners used in orthodontics and dentistry.


A 3D scan is several thousand pictures of your teeth, that are taken with a wand camera and pieced together with a computer program to make a perfect duplicate of a persons teeth. Imagine no more yucky, gooey, impressions of your teeth, and no more gagging and nasty taste from the old fashion impressions!




The iTero Element Intraoral Scanner is engineered to capture 6,000 frames per second & 3D high-impact visualization. Showing patients exactly what you see for more effective chair-side communication.  Not only that, but the scanner provided 10 times fewer issues than the traditional gooey impressions.  Once, the 3D scan is complete, the 3D file is then sent to our in house printing lab, and the fun begins!